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A Foggy Night in Rightville

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October 4, 2009 at 1:04 am

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P1i – Gmail Settings

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On subscribing AT&T’s mediaNet service, I scoured the web for a list of settings to set up my gmail account on my P1i. After unsuccessful attempts to have a working setup using the settings posted on several sites, I eventually worked them out. For the benefit of the P1i owners, here’s the list of settings that works….

connection type: IMAP
Push email: Check
Incoming server address: imap.gmail.com
download restrictions: just headers

outgoing server address: smtp.gmail.com
use SMTP authentication: check
use inbox login details: check


Secure connection: SSL
Incoming mail port: 993

Secure connection: TLS
Outgoing mail port: 25

Use MIME encoding: Check

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September 27, 2009 at 8:31 pm

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The Lost Symbol – A review

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Before doling out cash to buy Dan Brown’s latest novel “The lost symbol”, I figured I’d give the reviews a glance. So, I looked it up on Amazon and after reading a handful of reviews, I came across this review……

“Dear Dan Brown:
Six years of waiting for this? Really! Here’s what I think happened…you had a contract to get a new novel out this year but you spent the last 5 1/2 years enjoying yourself with all the money you made…okay, you earned it…enjoy! But wait, now you have to hustle and get a novel to the publisher. No problem, you think as you take out the outline for the previous books. Instead of the grail, you’ll make it some “Lost Symbol” mainly because you’re at a loss as to how you’re going to meet that deadline. For the female role, you’ll turn her into a scientist in some unknown field. Just so you can have another female star in the movie, you’ll throw in a CIA agent. Instead of the crazy priest, you’ll make that role just a plain psycho that another Hollywood hunk can play. You’ll go through the motions but this time Langford won’t be as sharp as before which makes sense because you aren’t either. Instead of the Catholic church, you’ll use the Masons because you can Google Masons and get all kinds of alleged secrets and mysteries as you sit by the pool and sip on some expensive scotch. You’ll use Washington DC because, like the Masons, it’s easy to Google and maybe you’ve seen National Treasure. Okay, that takes care of the first 2/3 of the book. You’re almost there and you can see the money rolling in so you just wrap up the whole package with your optimism and hope that you can pull it off. Well, congratulations. It worked and I was amoung the million that were suckered on the 15th. I give you one star for the book and one star for the balls. I hope you enjoy my money but, Mr. Brown, please know that I don’t believe you earned it and I don’t think even you do. Really.

Despite such reviews, I intend to read this darned book but instead of looking for it in the book store, I’ll be watching for it in the local library.

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September 27, 2009 at 6:03 pm

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The White Tiger

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The White Tiger

The White Tiger

On my way to California, over the July 4th weekend, I got to read a book  the name of which I had heard a few times too many. Authored by  the Chennai born, now Mumbai resident Aravind Adiga, The White Tiger is a story of a village boy by the name of Balram Halwai. The story, written as a letter to a Chinese diplomat scheduled to visit India in the near future, starts off with Balram walking the diplomat through a series of events in his life leading to his present day life . The author, over the course of the story, tries to shed some light behind the way the poor in India are treated by the rich and through the eyes of Balram, tries to put the reader in the shoes of Balram Halwai.

Arvind Adiga has a weird style of writing. This intelligent kid, nicknamed The White Tiger narrates the story in such a manner as to portray himself as a naive village idiot. Strangely, this intelligent but naive village idiot (yes, i recognize the contradiction) resorts to a very formal way of narration in the latter part of the book and concludes the story with a certain air of authority that is almost impossible to associate with a village idiot.  Now, it could be that the character matured as the story progressed but thats a supposition the reader would have to make based on the style of writing for there’s certainly nothing in the story that will tell you that the character is maturing as a result of, let’s say, his experiences or age. While I’m not a prolific reader of books authored by Indians (and no, I’m not biased), I feel Jhumpa Lahiri, the Indian American author, stands a notch or two above Aravind Adiga.

All said, the book is a light read. So, if you have nothing better to do, this book might just help you kill some boredom.

Ashwin’s Rating: 4/10

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July 8, 2009 at 8:45 pm

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Are Women Born This Way?

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lol. here. The baby’s voice is a bit annoying though…..

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June 11, 2009 at 10:53 pm

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Tadpole Rain

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The world is getting stranger by the minute. Apparently, the raining down of small creatures such as fish and frogs is a rare meteorological phenomenon.  Read here.  Weird.

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June 11, 2009 at 10:42 pm

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A green day.

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After several months of resistance, i finally went out and bought me a water purifier. A consumer of bottled water, I finally decided to go a little greener in my way of life. 5 years back when I set foot in America, I was told that the water that flowed out of that tap in the kitchen was potable water. Mildly surprised that such a level of cleanliness was maintained by a society, I filled and consumed glass after glass of regular tap water. And then a newspaper ran a story of a woman in New Jersey (I think)  finding a small piece of bone in her glass of drinking water. I dismissed it as an isolated incident. Continued drinking out of the tap. Then came another story that basically said that the drinking water in parts of Washington D.C. had high levels of pharmaceutical residue. Now with NJ being the mecca of pharmaceutical industry, its a logical assumption that its ground water is contaminated with the waste of the pharmaceutical industry.  Although I dont remember the exact article I read about this, here’s some evidence.  So I switched, that very day, to bottled water. Never did think twice before buying those crates of packaged drinking water. More recently, I figured I could reduce the amount of plastic by buying water in higher quantity. So for the past few months, I bought packaged water in bulk, thus reducing the amount of plastic I consumed. As I wandered today into the excessively lit local super market, a voice within me convinced me to buy a water purifier instead of my monthly supply of packaged drinking water. The planet just went a tad bit greener today. Look outside. Notice it?

So I returned home happy to have decided to go green. As I poured over the internet aimlessly, I came across this documentary called “Home”. 300,000 + views with some 6000+ times of being favorite d, I sat and watched it. Fantastic photography. Beautiful narration. A few factual errors but point well made, its a movie that I’m sure has compelled at least a handful of people to go green, if not all the 300,000+ who watched it. What disturbed me a bit though was the fact that the entire movie was shot from an aerial view, from an airplane or helicopter I assume. Unless the movie was put together from pre-existing footage from other sources, lets say Nat Geo or Discovery, the amount of CO2 that was released in procuring several hours of unedited aerial footage would’ve most certainly contributed to the global warming of the planet, albeit by an relatively small amount. Instead, the crew could’ve invested the several thousands of dollars in solar panels or wind turbines and made a movie borrowing footage from other sources and wrapped it up by showing how they are responsible people.That the movie was shot entirely from air makes it hypocritical. somehow.

Anyway, here’s that documentary. Watch. Learn. Change.

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June 6, 2009 at 10:51 pm

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