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Obama and America.

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I was one of those people who believed that Obama was the change America and the World so wanted. I believed that this Harvard educated man had the right credentials to turn around America’s fortunes and restore it to its lost glory.I believed his strategy would be based on facts and rationales and that he would act with absolute conviction. Suffice to say, I’m deeply disappointed with a man mildly content with just sitting on the fence on issues such as Afghanistan.
So Afghanistan’s terrain isn’t quite a flat piece of land. So Russia had its rear end handed to it during the Soviet-Afghan war. To make matters worse, Taliban and Al Qaieda have become all the more formidable- what with all the support of the locals.  I don’t understand why America wouldn’t commit all it can to put an end to this money pit called Afghanistan. Yes, it means spending more American tax dollars at a time when America’s economy is pretty sick but prolonging this so called war with half-hearted measures will only result in more casualties with really nothing achieved.  If Gen. David Petraeus requested 60,000 troops, send in a 100,000.  The money spent in sending these additional troops will aid in eliminating the militia faster and maybe, even put enough pressure on them to sit at the table for negotiations, if thats what the Americans want. Send in a 100,000, guard the border with Pakistan – well, do your best to guard it.  Keep Taliban inside Afghanistan and then, either negotiate or eliminate.
This 30,000 troops surge is like a few morsels of food given to a hungry man. Yeah, sure it’ll help but hes gonna be hungry again real soon. Feed him generously and then, teach him to hunt, or grow, or fish or whatever…and you’ve just given him independence. 30,000 feels like a half-hearted attempt aimed at pleasing everyone. The military wants troops, they get some. The congress will likely be content with the fact that we aren’t emptying wisconsin or Iowa to send all the troops requested. Everyones mildly happy and nothing has been achieved. This is politics just as usual. I suspect the nobel peace prize that Obama is slated to pick up this month during his visit to Copenhagen has something to do with this.
Obama. I don’t get you and not that it matters, but you are slowly but surely dashing the hopes of millions of people worldwide.
The troubling part of all this is the notion that if this is the best a Harvard educated man can do, what hope can America have? Even as Obama loses brownie points as a result of such actions, people such a Sarah Palin, with IQs in the vicinity of 0, are gaining ground. I think I’m moving to New Zealand.

p.s : Neither am I a Dem, nor am I a Rep., I just think Sarah Palin isn’t very smart.

Written by Au Fait

December 6, 2009 at 10:48 pm

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